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How to Embrace New Defect Taxonomy Transparent, Compliant, Automated

Applications of ODC have been reported by several corporations on a variety of platforms and development processes, ranging from waterfall, spiral, gated, and agile development processes. Based on these definitions, the two keywords refer to the ability of users to recognize and understand possible actions based on visual cues of user interface. The unclear separation […]

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What are the pros and cons of low-code development platforms?

These problems arise because employees implement and manage different software without IT consent. We build unstoppable teams by equipping DevOps professionals with the platform, tools and training they need to make release days obsolete. Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Drive growth and increase customer loyalty. In conclusion, the cost of using a No Code platform can […]

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What Is Scrum? A Guide to Get You Started Updated

Reduction in Time to Market reduction i.e., customers can start using the key functionalities/deliverables of the project before the project is completely ready. In simple terms, an Increment is a work accomplished during the Sprint. The increment is considered useful only when it meets the Definition of Done. After the retrospective meeting the team is […]

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